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Fraxel: The Leader in Skin Rejuvenation

After the harsh summer sun, you may find yourself in need of some rejuvenation this fall. Among the best skin resurfacing treatments available is Fraxel Re:store®. A non-ablative laser treatment, Fraxel Re:store® lifts sunspots, softens fine lines, smoothes the texture of the skin, and even reduces pre-cancerous lesions. Fraxel® may be performed on any area of the body, and we frequently use it to soften surgical scars, shrink the appearance of stretch marks, and treat crepey discolored skin on the décolleté. When asked about the benefits of Fraxel®, Dr. Robinson explains that, "In terms of reducing sun damage, Fraxel® is the best you can get. It actually removes tiny columns of your old skin, which forces the body to produce new, healthier tissue, so the quality of your skin improves over the series of treatments."

Because this is an advanced treatment, we strongly suggest a complimentary consultation prior to treatment. During this consultation we'll review your medical history and ensure that your expectations can be met. You are a good candidate for Fraxel® if you have mild to moderate sun damage and fine lines and you currently wear a daily SPF and take measures to minimize sun exposure. There is a small amount of downtime associated with each Fraxel® treatment. Most patients experience about five days of mild swelling and moderate redness. Your skin's reaction can vary based on the intensity of the treatment and the health of your skin. A total of three to six treatments are needed to obtain visible results, and treatments are spaced four to eight weeks apart for recovery time. How well your results last largely depends on a healthy lifestyle. Active home skincare products, and your ability to protect your skin from future sun damage will also extend the life of your treatment. To help you get the most from your Fraxel® treatments, our practice includes a complimentary home care package featuring Neocutis Biocream, which utilizes a proprietary blend of Processed Skin Cell Proteins® to rebuild healthy, radiant skin.

Receive Fraxel® treatment during September or October to take advantage of our special!

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