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Isolaz: The Acne Eraser

As anyone with acne will tell you, it is a stubborn and stressful condition. The methods and products available for treating acne range from over the counter products, prescription topicals to oral medications. If you're one of the many acne sufferers for whom topical products and medications just don't do enough on their own, we have just what you need. Our Isolaz acne treatments with deep pore purification are the only FDA approved system to treat comedonal, pustular, and mild to moderate inflammatory acne. Patients in our office receiving these treatments have been seeing incredible results!

The Isolaz technology combines a powerful vacuum with a broadband light to cleanse deep within your pores, destroy acne causing bacteria and reduce redness. These highly effective treatments are safe for all skin types and require little to no downtime. The deep pore purification will help visibly improve pore size and leave the skin feeling healthier and clearer. In fact, according to Isolaz clinical studies, most patients receive an 88% clearance rate in their acne depending on the severity. Patients have even reported seeing improvement 24-48 hours after their treatments including reduced redness and flattening of blemishes.

The face, back, and chest are all treatable areas with the Isolaz technology. In general, 4-6 treatments spaced about 10 days apart are recommended to receive the full effect. Some visible improvement may even be seen after the first treatment, but it is important to stick with the treatment plan outlined for you. Appointments last approximately 45 minutes, however the Isolaz procedure itself takes only about 20 minutes. During the remaining time your skin will be cleansed, prepped, and manual extractions will be performed to release the impactions of dirt, blackheads, and excess oil in your pores. Finally, your skin will be treated with acne specific topicals and a broad spectrum sunscreen will be applied to give your skin full protection from the sun's damaging UV rays. The Isolaz treatments are very tolerable for most patients. You will experience a slight pinching feeling from the vacuum unblocking the clogged pores followed by heat from the broadband light killing the bacteria. Immediately after the treatment you may have some mild redness, but you are able to return to your normal activities immediately after treatment.

Battling acne is stressful for everyone, but it can be especially hard during teenage years. Acne most often occurs when teenagers are going through a lot of dramatic physical and emotional changes associated with the development of their body image. The additional stress of acne during this time can be very difficult. With more flexibility in schedules, summer break is a perfect time for teens to begin these treatments to get their acne under control before the start of the new school year.

Anyone with acne, no matter age or skin type, may benefit from Isolaz treatments. If you're tired of wasting time and money on unsuccessful products and treatments, take control and call us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our Master Estheticians to find out if Isolaz is for you!

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